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Déjà vu Complements of “Superstorm Sandy”

You may have heard that the eastern part of North America was subjected to a huge storm called Hurricane Sandy. The first thing I need to say is how grateful I am that we were safe, dry and warm throughout … Continue reading

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Picking up where we left off….

This is not a famous blog but I know I have a few avid followers that want to know how the new patio plantings have turned out. Being relatively new to gardening in this area I let the landscape designer … Continue reading

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You know what would be good here? A patio for the firepit….

It started innocently enough. Hypothetically, sometime in the future, this would be a good spot to put the firepit.  The area beside the deck was basically a pile of concrete rubble and fill that we added to when they dug … Continue reading

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We’ve got mail.

It wasn’t a harsh winter but that didn’t keep our local road crew from zealously clearing the snow from our roads. A little too zealously in the case of our mailbox. The poor defenseless mailbox had its pole snapped off … Continue reading

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The man’s gotta grill.

We were really spoiled living in Arizona with great outdoor living space including a custom built in BBQ. It’s been really hard for the family “grill master” to go back to using  a garden variety BBQ. So it won’t come … Continue reading

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Batten down the hatches…. a storm is coming!

The storms of the Great Lakes are infamous, immortalized in folk songs and art. I guess it was naive not to take the weather more seriously. Case #1 – Hot Tub Cover Restraining Order Just days after our hot tub … Continue reading

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A cook gardens.

We’re still formulating a plan for landscaping the backyard but there is one thing I just can’t wait for – the kitchen garden.  I’m afraid I don’t have a great deal of patience for landscaping that I can’t eat. By … Continue reading

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Duct Tape or Duck Tape?

The answer is BOTH.  Nearby Avon, OH is home to ShurTech Brands’ Duck Brand duct tape and also the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival.  I was very curious when I heard there was an entire weekend-long event dedicated to duct … Continue reading

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No more excuses!

The house is a mess….. There’s no gym nearby…… It’s raining / snowing / cold / hot…. None of these excuses are any good now because yesterday I set up our new exercise area. The original master bedroom has been … Continue reading

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Ironing can be improved with a view.

I’m not a big fan of domestic chores with the exception of cooking.  Laundry isn’t at the bottom of the list, bathrooms would hold that position, but ironing can be tedious. I find don’t mind it as much these days … Continue reading

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