The Lake House Adventures blog primarily recounts the evolution of our house on the lake and the adventure of discovering a new area of the country and our new town.

I occasionally have other things to blog about, so I apologize in advance for straying off into other subjects. I do also have a food related blog called “Pleasure to Eat” and I encourage my foodie friends and family to follow that one as well!

When we bought this house on the lake we knew it needed work.  It’s not that it wasn’t big enough, square footage wise it was much larger than our previous house.  The main issue is flow.  The house has evolved from a small cape cod that was built in the 50s. There have been at least 3 previous renovations to the house.  The second floor of the original cape cod house was raised to 9′ (making a colonial out of a cape cod).  A vaulted room with a bank of west facing windows and a french door to the deck was added to the side of the house (and used as a dining room).  And finally, a 3 car garage with a “nanny suite” above was added along with a small room and powder room that linked together the garage to the dining room.  What remained unmodified is the ground floor of the original 50s cape cod.  There are 2 small bedrooms, a full bath, kitchen and living room with 8 ceilings (but nice views of the lake).

The “before” ground floor.

The vision for the house is to create a more open and modern floor plan.  The current kitchen will be removed and the space opened up to create a formal dining room.  We will build a “gourmet” kitchen in the space of the current living room.  The back wall of the house on the ground floor will be opened and a new great room with a high ceilings and big views of the lake will be added to the back of the house. We also want to create a master suite out of the two bedrooms and bathroom and part of the addition at the back.

This blog hopefully will keep my family and friends up to date and with any luck it will be entertaining and informative. I’m sure there are many out there who can relate to the challenges we’re sure to face and I hope I can lend some morale support to others undertaking similar adventures.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Sounds exciting! I can’t wait to follow along…thanks for following my blog. I suspect we’ll be sharing some bloggy “therapy!”

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