Picking up where we left off….

This is not a famous blog but I know I have a few avid followers that want to know how the new patio plantings have turned out.

Being relatively new to gardening in this area I let the landscape designer pick the plants (with my instructions that they should be low maintenance and hardy). The patio planting includes: 4 fushia coloured “knockout” rose buses along the deck,  Angelina Sedum, Bronze Beauty Bugleweed, and Lemon Thyme distributed through the rock garden and Elfin Thyme between the flagstones. I had them plant relatively more of the lemon thyme lower on the slopes so it is within easy reach of the sitting areas.  I like the lemony herb smell on my fingers and once they get a little bigger I’m sure to snip at it as I can’t resist adding fresh herbs to my cooking.

The other main planting was to add vegetation to the slope above the breakwall. They seeded the slope with both rye grass and Crown Vetch. The rye grass was planted to have something that would come up right away. Crown vetch was selected because it’s a very good ground cover for high erosion slopes (like roadsides) and is very aggressive. Although considered by some to be an invasive weed, for us its the perfect ground cover for a slope that gets consistently pounded by weather.  To protect the seeds and to give a little stability, a straw blanket was laid down and several hundred long yard staples were put in to hold it in place.  (For insight into the kind of weather we experience I refer you back to my earlier blog on the subject). Thanks to my diligent watering and the timely arrival of a couple good all day rains, the green rye grass has started to grow through the yellow straw.

With that, we’re considering the back yard done….. at least for this year.  I’ll indulge myself with a before and after pair. This is the picture I took exactly one year ago today, August 14, 2011 when we came to see the house while house hunting.

Exactly one year to the day later, it’s raining again. Here’s the picture I ran outside and took between downpours.

With a little time the grass will get greener as the new seed grows up through the straw, the hydrangeas will bloom and the little rose and lilac bushes will fill out. We’ve done more and spent more than I imagined when I first had my “vision” of what the house could be. Seeing the “before and after” and loving the “after” makes it all worthwhile.

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4 Responses to Picking up where we left off….

  1. Kitchen Duet says:

    WOW….what a difference…..before & after!

  2. curt says:

    Absolutely beautiful! A job well done.

  3. Lezlie Kay says:

    Thanks for all the sharing this past year. Love the outcome…

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