You know what would be good here? A patio for the firepit….

It started innocently enough. Hypothetically, sometime in the future, this would be a good spot to put the firepit.  The area beside the deck was basically a pile of concrete rubble and fill that we added to when they dug the foundation for the addition to the house. A few thistles and some crab grass were the only plants. It wasn’t pretty, just a big pile of dirt with bits of brick and concrete sticking out.

Enter landscape designer with quote at the ready.

First they dug out and reshaped the area, covering the chunks of concrete with fill. Next they brought in a couple truckloads of giant boulders and flagstone to rebuild with. About a week and a half, a significant ding in the savings account, and the patio was ready for us to move the firepit to its new home.

The final result looks great…. but you know what would look good here….. some ground cover to protect the bank and some nice perennials?

Enter landscape designer.

To be continued…..

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