We’ve got mail.

It wasn’t a harsh winter but that didn’t keep our local road crew from zealously clearing the snow from our roads.

A little too zealously in the case of our mailbox. The poor defenseless mailbox had its pole snapped off at the base and was left hanging by a sliver.  The sliver didn’t hold up for long and shortly after this picture was taken our mailbox looked like it was napping.  Justin (one of the contractors) helped us out by digging a new hole and propping up the mailbox with some bricks so that we would still get mail. We had been considering replacing the mailbox with something more substantial, but that wasn’t in our list of “must have” renovations.  It was added to the list after the snowplow incident.

We decided to take advantage of having the stone masons on site for the fireplace and exterior stone installation.  The new mailbox was constructed from concrete blocks and then finished with the same stone on the exterior of the house.  Unfortunately our mailbox construction was stalled waiting for the final visit from the stone masons (waiting for the BBQ be built which was the other item they needed to complete).  So for several months we had a strange mushroom looking sentry at the end of our driveway and the mail continued to be delivered to our now much shorter “temporary” mailbox.

Our little mailbox has now been retired or, more accurately, recycled. We love our new mailbox. The only thing that would make it better is if it could make our bills disappear!

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