The man’s gotta grill.

We were really spoiled living in Arizona with great outdoor living space including a custom built in BBQ.

It’s been really hard for the family “grill master” to go back to using  a garden variety BBQ. So it won’t come as a big surprise to anyone that adding a built in grill was high on the priority list.  There’s still some siding to be installed, but the new grill area is compete and we’ve been grilling out almost every night since the gas was hooked up.

The top and front of the grill area is granite and the side has the same stone as the wall. There is storage under the grill for accessories and an outlet to plug in the rotisserie motor. The grill is connected to the house natural gas supply so there will be no tanks running out half way through cooking. We extended the roof line as much as we could to provide a little shelter for the grill island, but as we’ve discovered, when there’s a storm blowing in off the lake, the “griller” still gets very wet. We’re not afraid of the snow, rain, cold, wind so we plan on using our new grill all year long. Dinner’s ready…..

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