Batten down the hatches…. a storm is coming!

The storms of the Great Lakes are infamous, immortalized in folk songs and art. I guess it was naive not to take the weather more seriously.

Case #1 – Hot Tub Cover Restraining Order

Just days after our hot tub was delivered we had a storm roll in from the west.  Big wind and sideways rain pounded the back of the house as it is fully exposed to the lake.  Fortunately it was early evening and we were at home.  We noticed that the wind was lifting the cover of the hot tub and it was hovering over the tub held only by the small corner straps. It looked as if the cover would be torn completely off so we ran out into the rain and found whatever heavy objects we could to weigh down the cover (a couple scrap boards and a cement block did the trick).

We replaced the construction debris with two 50 pound bags of play sand, but it was obvious that we needed a more elegant and permanent solution.  A quick internet search revealed we weren’t the first to have this kind of problem and there was such a thing as “Hurricane Straps” for hot tubs. I ordered them immediately.  They were easy to install; just screw the clips onto the side of the hot tub and feed the strap through.

The bags of sand now sit on our deck box; which brings us to the next example.
Case #2 – Migratory Patio Furniture

This is our patio furniture doing it’s best “Abbey Road” impression as it appears to be walking across our neighbours’ yard. These are not all small pieces of furniture. I suspected the wicker furniture might move around in the wind, but the aforementioned deck box weighs about 100 lbs and I never expected it to take off.  The permanent solution is probably  replacing the furniture with VERY heavy patio furniture but for the time being, we move the wicker to the side of the house when it’s not in use.  This is a bit of a pain and certainly less entertaining for our neighbours as I’m not out chasing down stray chairs in their yard in the pouring rain.

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3 Responses to Batten down the hatches…. a storm is coming!

  1. Kitchen Duet says:

    Love the Abbey Road impression!

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