No more excuses!

The house is a mess…..

There’s no gym nearby……

It’s raining / snowing / cold / hot….

None of these excuses are any good now because yesterday I set up our new exercise area.

The original master bedroom has been transformed into a fitness / lounge area.  The room was a bit strange as a master bedroom because it was open on one end to the front hall below. We opened the other end of the room when we removed the windows creating an open loft feel. There is still a great view of the lake through the high windows at the back of the house. The space has two adjoining bedrooms and a bathroom making this an ideal 2 bedroom suite with the lounge / fitness room between them.

The new treadmill, weight bench, heavy bag and dumbbells  were delivered yesterday. I got my workout lugging 200lbs of sand upstairs to the room to fill the base of the punching bag.  This morning I used the treadmill. I’ve also set up a TV/DVD player to play workout videos and I’ve collected all my various fitness gear from around the house (jump rope, medicine ball, kettlebells, rubber bands, yoga mat, hand weights, bosu ball etc). I wish Lynn, my personal trainer from Phoenix, was nearby. I’m sure she’ll agree, I’ve no more excuses!

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