Ironing can be improved with a view.

I’m not a big fan of domestic chores with the exception of cooking.  Laundry isn’t at the bottom of the list, bathrooms would hold that position, but ironing can be tedious. I find don’t mind it as much these days as our new laundry room has a view of the lake.

The real estate listing described the room as a “TV room”.  This is the picture from the real estate listing of how the room was when we toured the house. I’m not a fan of the designated “TV room”.  Most of my TV watching takes place while I’m doing something else, cooking, surfing the web or even writing this blog.


It is the first room you enter as you come into the house from the garage. We wanted to enter the garage into a laundry room / mud room rather than into a carpeted sitting room.  In order to accommodate the washer / dryer and cabinets we added a wall creating a hallway the leads to the powder room and guest room over the garage.

The new laundry room also has a little extra storage, which is a really good thing for us pack rats!

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3 Responses to Ironing can be improved with a view.

  1. Yvette says:

    The laundry room really did turn out to be very nice. Now don’t get too excited about ironing…. I personally have a tv in my laundry room…. can get pretty boring sometimes.

  2. Lezlie Kay says:

    I dream of a laundry room like yours, enjoy!!

  3. Kitchen Duet says:

    “Us” packrats?!?

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